The Bóveda or Spirit Altar

The bóveda or eggun altar is the center of eggun worship in the religion. It is the place we most often go to to salute and to commune with eggun on a daily basis. You don't have to have passed through any of the initiations to begin your relationship with eggun and to set up a bóveda is a fairly simple affair:

Cover a table or shelf with a white cloth. On this table or shelf place nine clear glasses of cool water. Also put a candle and a vase with fresh flowers (preferably white) on the table. You should also hang a cross or rosary beads over the table to represent Olofi and the Four Winds above the table or shelf.

On the floor, in front of the altar you should put a small cup with a little white (clear) rum in it. Not too much as you don't want eggun to get drunk as they won't be able to help you much if they are. On this cup you should place a cigar (unlit). If you drink coffee you should put a cup (preferably chipped as eggun physical forms were also broken) of black coffee to them (even if you take yours with cream and/or sugar).

You should now sprinkle your Boveda with Holy Water and Florida Water, if you can get some. You should also sprinkle the boveda with these things every so often.

If you have pictures of deceased relatives put these up on the Boveda, but do not include any pictures of the living. Also, no pictures of people who are not family.

Change the water, rum, cigar, candle and flowers every week, either every Monday evening or every Friday evening (your choice).

When you approach the boveda you should talk to them and say who you are and what you have come to do, etc. And listen...given time your eggun will start to speak to you and you must listen. After a while you will be able to tell the difference between your thoughts and when eggun is talking. And always speak from your heart. You can recite long prayers in Lucumi and if it doesn't come from the heart it means almost nothing.

This will help you build a relationship with your eggun.

Maferefún Eggun!!!